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Treatment to Remove Mold from Wooden Utensils

What should I do if mold grows on my wooden utensils?

If your wooden utensils have a mildewy odor or you see mold growing on them. Do not panic. You can get rid of the mold by thoroughly cleaning those wooden utensils.

Why do wooden products get moldy?

Some of the reasons are product is not washed cleanly or stored in damp conditions or places. Wooden product requires proper care to keep them clean and prevent mold from forming. Such as washing, drying (blotting it dry with a clean dishtowel and putting it in an upright position to air-dry), storing it in a well-ventilated and dry area after use, and not soaking it in water for too long.


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How to clean and remove the mold from my wooden utensils?

The following are conventional steps to remove the mold:

  • Clean the wooden utensils with hot water. Make sure all mold stains (black or white) are removed.
  • Pour salt and rub a lemon wedge over the entire surface. Lemon can help remove stains and odors from wood utensils. We also can use baking soda paste to remove the mold. Let it stand for a few minutes.
  • Once all the mold stains are gone, rinse using cold water and air-dry completely overnight in an upright position.
  • Smear the beeswax or natural oil on dry wooden products to keep its quality. The benefits of beeswax or natural oil are to enhance the natural color and luster of wood, provide water repellency, and protect wood from mold and bacteria.
I hope these simple steps help you maintain your wooden utensils and products to last longer and clean. Have a great day!

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