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About Us

It was starting from buried passion. I have loved handicrafts since I was a child and my attention to detail is relatively high naturally. However, this preference was buried over time due to the hustle and bustle of work.

Until one moment, I found handmade products by Indonesian artisans. And I fell in love with these handmade products. Why are these unique and excellent products only known in and around the city? I want the uniqueness and goodness of local products made by Indonesian craftsmen to be known to the world. It is a potential opportunity to introduce local handmade products to the international market.

SeratKu offers products handcrafted by Indonesian artisans using natural materials, predominantly from wood and natural fibers. Why teak and natural fibers?

The first reason is that most of these raw materials are produced in Indonesia and are characteristic of Indonesia. One example is teak wood. Teak forests in Indonesia are one of the world's leading teak resources. Even though teak trees are not native to Indonesia, Java's climatic conditions are ideal for growing teak.

The second reason is that natural fibers are usually leftovers from the process and are discarded. These natural fibers can be processed into valuable products in our efforts to reduce textile waste. Furthermore, one of the reasons I love natural fiber products is their remarkable durability. I still have bags from my school and college days, and they still look as good as the last time I used them, while the synthetic ones have become brittle and damaged. You can pass down your teen items to your children! Proper storage is the key.

Seratku_Our shop offers a variety of kitchen essentials, including a wooden spoon set, wooden forks, wooden cooking forks, and wooden bowls for sale

We are now working with local artisans to help them improve their skills, character, and income. We are on a mission to equip people without skills with at least one skill so that they can use it as a source of income to sustain their lives.

Moreover, we are committed to preserving traditional techniques passed down by our ancestors. Our manufacturing process involves minimal machine use, with a primary focus on handcrafting. This approach not only honors our cultural heritage but also has a positive impact on the environment.

Last but not least to ensure our customers are happy and satisfied with durable, high quality, and eco-friendly products.

Ahhhhh not yet the last :) but finally, yet importantly, I would like to introduce Indonesian products that I am into so much. It feels so good to share something I love with the world. Therefore, I named my store after the word "JOY." I hope everyone who visits this store can feel joyful. A little hint. Do you notice that I put many "JOY" words in this store? ;)

Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day! :))

We love teakwood and natural fibers products