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Are Wooden Bowls Good? Hi, Please Introduce the Wooden Bowl!

Wooden bowl is a timeless classic, with a long history of use in households. It is multi-functional, offering a variety of uses over a lifetime. It has proven to be sturdy, reliable and versatile, making it the ideal choice for homes looking for an all-in-one solution.
Let us introduce you to the wooden bowl and the multitude of uses it has.


What are wooden bowls used for?

The wooden bowl is an incredibly versatile item, offering a range of uses. Its primary purpose is to serve food, but it can also be used as a decorative piece to provide a warm and rustic texture to any room. As a centerpiece, planter, or storage container for small items, wooden bowl is an ideal choice. Furthermore, its construction makes it suitable to withstand heat, so it can be safely used to serve salad, cereal, soups, and more.

The usage of wooden bowl


Why a wooden bowl for food prep? 

A wooden bowl is suitable for serving hot dishes since a wooden bowl offers superior insulation properties to keep food warm for longer. Its solid wood construction also protects from excess heat, making it comfortable to handle.

What wood is best for wooden bowls?
The most common hardwoods used for food-contact items are teak, cherry, acacia, beech, maple, or black walnut. These woods are food safe and are ideal for kitchen wares such as bowls, plates, cutting boards, or kitchen utensils. My preference is teak wood, which boasts a rich color and tight grain, making it durable.

Can you eat out of teak bowls?
This answer is an unequivocal yes! Teak wood bowls are a great choice for food preparation, as their relative porosity inhibits bacterial growth. Teak is a particularly dense and desirable wood, making it highly resistant to bacteria. Its natural oils also give it a robust water resistance, making it ideal for use with food.
Tests have shown that the number of bacteria on wooden bowls is lower than those on plastic and ceramic bowls, allowing users to enjoy their meals with a higher degree of confidence and safety.
Additionally, wooden bowls are tough and durable, making them perfect for everyday use. So, you can trust your wooden bowls to make any meal look beautiful and taste delicious.
Teak wood bowls models

Do wooden bowls hold bacteria?
Studies show that wood can reduce bacterial growth by up to 95%. Wooden bowls are more hygienic than many other materials – such as plastic, as the naturally occurring antibacterial lignans in the wood make them more resistant to bacteria growth.
Wooden bowls are extremely durable, adding an aesthetic and natural element to mealtime. However, research suggests wooden surfaces can hold bacteria, requiring proper cleaning for food safety. To ensure cleanliness, it’s best to wash your wooden bowls (at first time use and after every use) and to dry wooden bowls for optimal hygiene. With proper cleaning and care, it can last for decades.

Are wooden bowls hygienic?
Wooden bowls are naturally hygienic and resilient to bacteria due to their natural composition. Cleaning them with mild soapy water is an effective way to maintain hygiene, though we recommend not putting them in the dishwasher. To extend the life of the bowls, do not leave food in them for too long and avoid using harsh chemicals. To rejuvenate them, apply a coat of Beeswax / natural oil once in a while to actively repel germs and microbes.
Before using wooden bowls for the first time, we recommend that you know how to clean and care for your wooden bowl here 😊.

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